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About Coin2Fly

Coin2Fly (CTF) is a new cryptocurrency for General Aviation and has embedded algorithms to support a $219 billion industry worldwide. CTF is accessible to everyone and is a form of digital currency secured by innovative cryptography. CTF is released through a decentralized and advanced mining system.

Based on Dash, it's a further developed version designed for general aviation, featuring masternode technology with 50% Reward, near-instant and secure payments as well as anonymous transactions.

Business Case

General Aviation Definition

General Aviation, GA, is defined as all aviation other than military and scheduled commercial airlines.

Current Market Size

Supports $219 billion in total economic output and 1.1 million total jobs in the United States alone.

The Problem

The GA industry has been in decline for more than 10 years due to lack of innovation and overregulation.

The Solution

Coin2Fly would serve as a decentralized platform for disrupting and revitalizing the GA industry.

Killer App: The Uber of the Air

Coin2Fly will serve as the network and platform to build killer applications such as the Uber of the Air.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts will be the framework for decentralized pilots and airplane logbooks.


Asic Resistant

Superior, efficient and fair mining that runs using GPUs.


Transactions are completely anonymouse using darksend.

Difficulty Retargeting

Difficulty retargets using Dark Gravity Wave.


POW and Masternode network protects transactions.


Masternodes provide vital network functions including PrivateSend, InstantSend, and governance functions.

Designed for speed

InstantSend integration makes Coin2Fly transactions super fast.


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  • Window, Mac and Linux Wallet Release


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  • Mobile Wallet / Web Wallet / iOS & Android


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We have a global team with the core team located in Miami, Florida.